The Long and Winded Road v2

In the whole grand scheme of things, you’re stepping on my foot

Posted in Life, Uncategorized by enochlau on 12 November, 2008

One thing notable about the way that I find myself or the people around me doing things is how we usually end up being at either extreme of the scale of short- or long-sightedness. I don’t mean the physical vision aspect, but one where we are able to look at both the short and long term with equal, or at least acceptable, consideration.

Some people would be the “pioneering visionary” type, where they have idea after idea coming but either don’t care or are simply uninformed about the execution of their plans and the people who have to work drive the ideas. The others — and these are usually the majority — are those whose actions are for the short-term, reactionary and sometimes urgent; these people often working without any inkling of the big picture or, sadly, a couldn’t-care-less attitude about how their work fits into the big picture.

You might, on occasion, hear of people talking about tactics (short-term, present) and strategy (long-term, future) and how they might apply to, say, business and marketing. Sure, it’s also covered a lot in organizational behaviour and other topics you might cover in business school.

The interesting thing is how people end up looking to you if you consider their actions, thoughts and plans with this in mind. For example:

1. Evaluate yourself — are you the kind who thinks for the moment, finding people who talk about long-term and “big picture” annoying? Or are you one of the dreamers/visionaries and find people who bring up details nitpickers and obstacles to your ideas? I hardly think that many can deftly switch between the two at will, but hey — I’m no psychologist.

2. Pick a person, and pick a focus area — easiest example: finances. Is the person a live-for-the-moment sort, or are they always putting purchases (or non-purchases) into perspective?

3. Now, does this person behave completely the opposite in another area?

4. How do you feel about their behaviour when compared to your method of thinking?

I think there are some people who are fully capable of being at both extremes in different situations, but finding someone who is a good balance of both within the same topic or area is a rare find.


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