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Ergonomics: Ergo, no pain

Posted in Activity, Non-activity by enochlau on 28 September, 2008

Since last year I’ve been having pain in my right wrist, quite obviously from computer use. I’ve tried to reduce it by shifting a lot of my dominant hand activity (eating, using the mouse, picking up stuff, etc) to my left hand but it hasn’t really helped much. Of course, it does mean that my efforts to train ambidexterity a long time ago paid off, but the whole OWPAIN or muscle soreness really had me worried.

Anyway, The Company™ brought in a physiotherapist from Pantai Hospital to give a talk on ergonomics and computer-related injury. It seems that there’s a lot, lot more to fix in my posture to help reduce further injury and muscle pain.

As with most health talks, I couldn’t help notice that I was also one of very few young people attending. Kinda sad to watch helplessly as my generation collectively flips off health and long-term personal planning*.

More importantly, though, I talked to the guy after the session asking about my wrist. He said I have some injury related to an extensor-something, which is something like the cable that pulls up a crane (the example he used). The cause, according to him, was from twisting my hand to the side when I use the mouse for extended periods. I think the fact that I play keyboards and the drums in my spare time also contributed to aggravating the injury.

Remedies? He gave me a few tips, including regular ice-packs applied to the wrist to reduce the swelling, and better positioning of my hand. He mentioned that it can be rehabilitated, so I’m doing what I can. I even blew 40 bucks on a mouse wrist support, which ordinarily would seem like a nutty idea, but when you have OWPAIN in your dominant hand it starts to put some things into perspective. (No, I don’t have any new revelations about the fate of humanity.)

I haven’t seen felt any improvement yet, but I do remember him saying that repetitive strain injuries take some time to heal, even if they’re not serious. For now, just gotta keep the ice packs going and sit properly. *sigh*

* If not for my OWWRISTPAIN, I would have skipped the health talk too. Ah, the wonders of hypocrisy.

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